Cabo San Lucas Nightlife, Mexico


The best Nightlife spots to spend your nights in Cabo

Cabo NightlifeCabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Central America, with a very active nightlife. The locals have a favorite saying, ‘What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.’ The city, along with San Jose del Cabo, a sister town, and the Cabos Tourist Corridor, stretching for a 32 km length, is the tourist haven in the Baja California Peninsula.

It has a variety of activities that could cater to all kinds of tastes. Thus, the appeal of Los Cabos, as it is lovingly called, is a versatile one and the nightlife of the city is legendary, with a very high reputation among the local and foreign vacationers. In fact, Cabo San Lucas is considered the Wild Wild West of hedonism in Mexico.

The Cabo San Lucas nightlife is typically centered on the three major and very famous night clubs; Cabo Wabo, the Giggling Marlin, and El Squid Roe. Zoo Bar & Dance and several other nightclubs are also frequently visited. Most of the bars and nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas are in the downtown area within a 10-block radius, littered with sports bars, hip international venues, Latin dance clubs, piano bars, jazz clubs, and high-end nightclubs.

Cabo Wabo is owned by the world famous Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar. The signature tequila is the favorite of the patrons. El Squid Roe is considered the in-place for wild and hot nights with the ambiance of Squid Busters, Jell-O shots, and tequila served to patrons while canned music plays in the background. The nightlife after 10 pm in El Squid Roe is certainly not for prudes, quite outrageous and wild most of the time. The Giggling Marlin is notorious for its Skip & Go Naked cocktail, a drink with a lot of punch, and its smutty floorshows. The occurrence of visitors strung upside down from fish weigh-scales quite common here.

Zoo Bar & Dance is considered the place where “…all the animals meet in the night” and the bar is full of animal themes. The atmosphere is much more hip than Giggling Marlin or the Squid. Ladies would be able to enjoy free margaritas from 8 pm to 9-30 pm every day here.

If you love Latin pop, then Mambo Café is the place for it. The Café features Mexican, Caribbean, Cuban, Columbian, and Puerto Rican bands that play mambo, meringue, salsa, Latin pop, bachata, and cumbia. Here too, ladies get free drinks on Thursdays and Sundays from 9 pm to 11 pm. One of the top bars of Cabo is The Nowhere Bar, also called the House of Shots. An indoor-outdoor hangout, this is an all-night action spot.

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