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At Browns Private Services, we provide the widest portfolio of foodservice and support service solutions in the world. From prestigious events such as Weddings & Graduations, to schools and workplaces, to offshore and remote locations. Whatever our offering, wherever it’s served, our customers are assured of experiencing the freshest, tastiest food, combined with a first-class service that also extends to asset management, maintenance, cleaning, security and more.
And although we are the largest group of our kind in the world, we don’t overlook the little details, because sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference.

Creating perfect solutions for your catering needs, Browns provides catering solutions to private clients as well as small and large businesses across Cabo and surrounding areas.

We offer a wide variety of dishes and services, here are a few examples:


thanksgivingThanksgiving Menu

Traditional Roasted Turkey
Homemade Stuffing
Homemade cranberry relish
Fresh steamed mixed vegetables
Regular and sweet mashed potatoes with gravy
Baked rolls
Apple pie or pumpkin pie – choice of dessert served with whipped cream

$60 USD per person
minimum 8 people
Includes chef, food, cooking and cleaning
Tax and tip not included.





                                                        Up to 8 people         More than 8 people

Mexican and traditional            $22 USD                     $18 USD
International                                 $32 USD                     $26 USD

Waiter/Bartender  80 dlls for 4 hrs.

Please note: Menus are for a minimum 4 people and do not include tax or gratuity. If there is a particular menu you would like, please do not hesitate to ask.

Menu #1 – Pancakes, Waffles or French Toast

Your choice of one: Pancakes, waffles or French Toast with eggs any  style.

*Accompanied with: *Fresh  Fruit Salad and yogurt. *Orange Juice *Coffee

Menu #2 – Traditional Mexican

*Your choice of one – served with refried beans and tortillas *Breakfast Burrito (chorizo, eggs, beans, cheese, onion and peppers) *Chilaquiles  (crisp tortillas topped with green or red salsa, chicken breast, and cheese) *Mexican Omelette (tomato, onion, chorizo, peppers and cheese) Huevos Rancheros

*Accompanied with: *Fresh  Fruit Salad and yogurt. *Orange Juice *Coffee

Menu #3 – American Breakfast

*2 Eggs Any Style *Your choice of one: *Bacon *Turkey Bacon *Sausage *Hash Brown Potatoes *Homemade Muffins (options: apple-cinnamon, banana, blue berries)

*Accompanied with: *Fresh  Fruit Salad and yogurt. *Orange Juice *Coffee

Menu #4 –  Omelets Breakfast

For your omelet  your choice of one: *Bacon *Turkey Bacon *Chorizo *Ham *Veggies

*Accompanied with: *Cambray potatoes and sour cream *Toast served with butter and a selection of jams *Orange Juice and Coffee.

Menu # 5 – Healthy Choices

*Green or Fresh Fruit Smoothie *White Omelet with veggies and panela cheese *Cinnamon Oatmeal

*Accompanied with: *Whole Grain toast *Fresh  Fruit Salad and yogurt. *Orange Juice *Coffee




                                                   Up to 8 people         More than 8 people

Mexican                                    $34 USD                     $28 USD
International                           $35 USD                     $30 USD

Waiter/Bartender  80 dlls for 4 hrs.

Please note: Menus are for a minimum of 5 people and do not include tax or gratuity.


Lunch Entree #1 Shrimp Fajitas

Lunch Entree #2 Chicken Quesadillas

Lunch Entree #3 Beef Burritos with Avocado, Fresh Cheese and Sautéed Onions

Lunch Entree #4 Caesar salad  with shrimp

Lunch Entree #5 Grilled Catch of the Day

Lunch Entree #6 Tacos al pastor.

Mexican Lunches are served with:

*Green Salad

*Mexican Rice

*Refried Beans

*Grilled Vegetables


*Assorted Salsas


Desert #1 Traditional Mexican Flan

Desert #2 Rice Pudding

Desert #3 Tropical Fruit Salad

Desert #4 Ice Cream

Desert #5 Chocolate Cake




                                               Up to 10 people            More than 10 people

Mexican                                $55.00 USD                    $50.00 USD

Waiter/Bartender  80 dlls for 4 hrs.

Please note: Menus are for a minimum of 4 persons and do not include tax or gratuity.

Passed Appetizers (served before being seated) PLEASE CHOOSE 2

Appetizer #1 Guacamole and Mexican Salsas served with Homemade Chips

Appetizer #2 Mini Quesadillas with chipotle sauce and sour cream

Appetizer #3 Bean and Cheese Sope with Chorizo

Appetizer #4 Mini Chicken Enchiladas served with green sauce

Appetizer #5 Beef, Cheese and Bean Burrito with Avocado Sauce

Appetizer #6 Sea Bass Ceviche Tostada

Soup or Salad PLEASE CHOOSE 1

First Course #1 Brown´s special salad (, Tomato, Panela Cheese ,Crispy Tortilla and basil dressing)

First Course #2 Spinach Salad with Panela Cheese , croutons , accompanied with Guajillo Chile Dressing

First Course #3 Green Salad (fresh lettuces with cucumber curling, avocado and celery, balsamic dressing)

First Course #4 Tortilla Soup with Crispy Tortilla Slivers and Panela Cheese

First Course #5 Cream of Poblano Chiles

First Course #6 Black Bean cream with Mexican Panela Cheese


Main Course #1 Mexican Combination – Chile Relleno, Enchilada, and fillet steak served with Rice and Beans

Main Course #2 fresh fish with Chipotle Sauce served with Mexican Rice and vegetables

Main Course #3 Red or green  Chicken Enchiladas served with rice and beans

Main Course #4 Beef or Chicken Fajitas served with Mexican Rice and Beans

Main Course #5 Tenderloin  marinated with Guajillo chile , Served with rice , beans and tequila sauce

Main Course #6 Fish and shrimp Tacos with Mexican Sauces, Sour Cream, Rice, Beans , Flour and Corn Tortillas

Main Course #7 Traditional Chicken Poblano Mole, served with Rice and Beans

Main Course #8 Flank Steak with poblano sauce served with  beans, guacamole and spring onion

Main Course #9 beef and  chicken  tacos served with  charros beans, guacamoles and mexican sauces

Main Course #10  Carnitas (mixed of pork meat) served with our special selections of sauces


Desert #1 Chocolate cake served with strawberry sauce

Desert #2 Churros served with Mango Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

Desert #3 Rice Pudding

Desert #4 Mexican Flan

Desert #5 Banana Flambe served with Vanilla Ice Cream


And a whole lot more, with an extensive range of delicious menus to cater for any occasion and budget, our professional team provides function and event catering services that focus on taking the stress away from our clients.



Here’s a bit of what our clients say about us.

“Browns team are just fantastic. Our 750 sliders arrived on time and beautifully presented. And they tasted wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Catering Services for your special occasion.”

Mary Jane Knudsen


“Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the guys efforts at my event last week.  They were amazing and so many people complimented us on how yummy the food was.

Thanks again for all your help I really appreciate it. “

Samantha Fisher, Hutchinson Builders


Come visit our catering section, we have that special plate you need for every occasion.

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