Christmas holidays in Los Cabos


Feliz Navidad!!, Christmas in Cabo.

christmas in caboThere is something extremely uncommon about the holidays, especially in México, where the happy season holds on for near two months and incorporates numerous sacred days that are not ordinarily celebrated in the U.S. It is a time of regular celebrations, to such an extent that the month long occasion period between December 12, the day respecting the Virgin of Guadalupe, and January 6, the recognition of Los Tres Reyes Magos (the three insightful men), is just half-flippantly alluded to as the Guadalupe – Reyes marathon. Be that as it may, in spite of the plenty of gatherings that go with the occasions, the Christmas season in Los Cabos is in extensive section a period of ardent observances and private social affairs with family and companions.

The town square in Cabo San Lucas, Plaza Amelia Wilkes, is every year hung with enough occasion themed adornments and embellishments to wrap the focal gazebo in a shroud of brilliant, carnivalesque hues. The court is likewise home to a substantial, extravagantly embellished Christmas tree, and a delightful nativity scene (in Spanish, nacimiento) that is situated close to the characteristic history exhibition hall. Supported projects and presentations are an occasion staple at the court, and incorporate craftsmanship, music, sustenance tastings and diversions of occasions encompassing the introduction of Christ.

Non-religious celebrations and parties are a major draw for both local people and guests, especially the yearly sustenance and wine fête Sabor a Cabo, the Dressed to the K9s philanthropy ball, and Casa Dorada’s exquisite, outfit themed New Year’s Eve festivity. Also, obviously the Christmas season matches with the begin of whale watching season in Los Cabos, in which vacationers move south to see grays, humpbacks and different whales do likewise while in transit to their conventional winter rearing grounds off the shore of Los Cabos.

We have plenty of activities for you to enjoy these holidays, visit our section HERE.

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