Cooking classes in Cabo


cooking classes cooking classes

We believe that everyone has the power to make incredible food. You can do it too, try our Cooking Classes today.

Let us teach you!

Before chefs are actually chefs, they learn cooking basics: how to use a knife, how to cut up a vegetable, how to and how to use appliances. It’s only then that their efforts seem, well, effortless. You, too, can master your kitchen your kitchen, but first you have to master the basics. That’s where our we comes in. we will guide you through the right cooking times and temperatures for meat, poultry, and vegetables. We’ll show you the differences between saute pans and quart pans (and everything in between), as well as explain the different features in ovens to help you make decisions that will fit your needs.

We will include:

  • Bilingual Chef
  • Cooking equipment and cooking aprons
  • Ingredients
  • 1 glass of red or white wine per person
  • A copy of the recipe

And more!

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