Great fishing times in Cabo this week!


Great fishing times in Cabo this week!

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High billfish count for the week was tied by the Fishing Cabo. Reflecting 1 blue marlin released and 3 stripers released for 2 days fished and followed by the Tuna Time. Reflecting 2 blue marlin released and 2 stripers released for 3 days fished with both boats. Which was in the area of Pozo de Cota to Migrino.

Tuna Time also added 7 dorado to their fish count and noted that they lost one blue marlin and a striper in the Pozo de Cota area.

The overall fish counts appears to be moving upwards for the October time frame. Getting ready for the up-coming tournaments this month and reflected a combined total of 3 blue marlin released, 13 stripers, (10 released) 2 sailfish released, 47 dorado, 6 yellowin tuna, 1 wahoo taken by the Gaviota VIII and 1 skipjak tuna.

Cabo Climate: A couple of partly cloudy days early in the week that changed to bright sunshine Thursday through Sunday. Air temps averaged 90.6 degrees for the daytime and 70.8 degrees for nights. Humidity averaged 58.6% for the week.

Sea Conditions: Water temps a little cooler on the Pacific side and down to 81 degrees from the Finger Bank and down to Cabo San Lucas. Then warming up steadily all the way to Las Frailes at 86 degrees.

Tropical siurface breezes flowing mostly from the southeasterly directions at an average of 8.6 mph that remained very fishable in all directions.

Best Fishing Area: Pozo de Cota to Migrino was the hot bite for the billfish but all of the regular areas producing some pretty good action, too. Including the Herradura, Jaime Bank, El Faro areas, etc..

Best Bait/Lure: About a 50-50 bite on the live bait and the artificials for the billfish and dorados.

Live Bait Supply: Good live bait supply for caballitos the past week at the $3.00 per bait rate.

Ou local Reporters: Gaviota Fleet Dock Manager, Carlos Pena-Mireles and Fish Cabo Owner, Captain Roberto Marquez.

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