Initially, vacations in domestic destinations will be the closest, while international ones should wait.


covid-19So when all this is over we will need to get out and enjoy our freedom, and remember to feel lucky that we are still alive, Browns Private Services Airport Transportation cares for you and we would love to help you on your next vacation.

It is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions in agencies, airlines and hotels. When will you be able to travel again after the coronavirus?

Some speak of mid-year, others in the last quarter, and others in 2021.

Most likely, the trips will return to their rhythm gradually, like the rest of the activities. While the countries are in quarantine and with their borders closed, it is very difficult to think about international flights not before the last part of the year. Specifying a month is complex. Everything will depend on several factors, among them, the place of departure (where we are) and the place of destination.

For regional destinations, it will also depend on where we are, and possibly they will return perhaps a month earlier.

Most likely, domestic travel (within a country) will begin to be allowed from the middle of the year, perhaps, initially by routes and highways, and then by mass media such as trains or buses or planes. Holidays or short breaks within each country will be the safest in the medium term.

Today to give other certainties about it is to do futurology in an absolutely changing climate. But we can have some concrete data.

For example, Air New Zealand, one of the world’s most respected airlines, suspended its international operations (initially) until June 30, 2020. Others made a similar decision, canceling their flights first until May and then until June.

But we return to the starting point. We will have to be aware of the restrictions imposed by each country. And even if the borders are opened, there will surely be a period in which many countries require passengers to quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival and / or upon return. That will be a decisive point when taking a plane.

The best answer is, wait. If there are offers to buy tickets, make sure they have the flexibility to change the date and postpone them as far in time as possible.

And if you already had a flight purchased and need to reschedule it, follow the same advice. Postpone it as long as possible.