Ready for some Sea Fishing in Cabo?

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Fishing in Cabo is one of the best experiences that can be found anywhere in the World. The warm waters of the Pacific has a huge variety of habitats and species that offer year round sea fishing action.

The Sea Angling Scene

Estimates put the number of regular and occasional sea anglers in Cabo at around 20,000 individuals. Many of these will live within easy access of the sea. Traditionally fewer sea anglers than coarse anglers have belonged to clubs as there are no fishing rights along the coast and access has been largely unrestricted. However, there are still a large number of clubs who run competitions, provide coaching and facilities as well as putting on social events for their members. There is no licence required to fish in the sea recreationally and anyone can do so in accordance with local bylaws or restrictions.


The tackle and equipment needed to fish at sea can be very specific. Boat rods and reels must, for example, be able to cope with very large fish in deep water. Likewise beach fishing rods may require casting distances in excess of 150 meters. Generally, sea angling equipment tends to be tougher, more resilient to corrosion and more powerful than other forms of fishing tackle. However, there are also circumstances where coarse and game fishing tackle may be used, such as when fishing for mullet, bass or flatfish like dabs and flunder. A club, coach or local tackle dealer can advise you on the equipment needed for the type of fishing you wish to do.

Shore, Boat or Even Kayak…

Sea angling is generally split into shore fishing and boat fishing. Shore fishing is by far the most widely practised but there are an ever growing number of privately owned boats with anglers fishing considerable distances from the coast. In addition the charter boat fleet around the country provides anglers with the opportunity to pay for access to boat fishing with experienced and knowledgeable charter skippers. In recent years kayak fishing has become increasingly popular because it allows anglers to get onto the water with relative ease compared to owning a boat and provides a new dimension to the sport. Boat fishing and kayak fishing offer the opportunity to target species that may be unavailable to the shore angler.

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Fishing in Cabo

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