Cabo Airport Shuttle Guide for 2021

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Let´s face it!

A Los Cabos destination vacation is at the top of many of our lists. In these difficult times, amid a pandemic, its important to plan down to the last detail, and not just because its convenient; the safety of ourselves and others may depend on it! For this reason, we are beyond proud to introduce our Los Cabos airport shuttle service to all of you travel hungry researchers.

When embarking on your journey and taking commercial flights to Los Cabos, you will most likely arrive to the San Jose del Cabo Airport, with guests taking domestic connections able to land in either this or the Cabo San Lucas airport.

Lucky enough to take a private charter? Make your pick and choose which location is closest to your host resort. Either way, Brown´s Private Services have your back.

Once your feet hit the ground we all want to avoid waiting time, pesky cash transactions and last minute logistical nightmares, and with COVID-19 dominating our travel experience its important to have our travel plan firmly in place. 

Regardless of what airport you are arriving to, wait times for taxis or general public transportation can be extreme, not to mention the inflated prices and those over-energized timeshare vendors whose goal is to keep you in place for as long as possible. 

Cabo Airport Shuttle Guide for 2021 San Jose del Cabo Airport hurry

By reserving a Brown´s Private Services Shuttle in advance you are able to take care of the payment from your home country (easily online!), avoid wait times and get to your final destination as quickly as possible. After all, that poolside margarita is waiting for you.