Weather in Los Cabos

Pristine beaches, gleaming white sand, gorgeous sunshine, and dazzling blue skies: all of this is what has made Los Cabos a premiere destination for travelers all over the world. Los Cabos is typically mild and lovely all year long with Cabo San Lucas being slightly hotter than San Jose del Cabo, but if you want to enjoy the surf, the sun, and the wonderful experiences this gem on the tip of the Baja Peninsula has to offer, when should you plan your vacation?

Here’s a brief summary of the weather in Cabo throughout the year to help you choose a date.

  • January: January is the coldest month of the year with average highs around 25°C and average lows around 19°C. Clouds are few and rain is unlikely, occurring only once or twice. (Average High 25°C, Average Low 19°C, Rainfall 12mm.)
  • February: The night temperature in February can dip as low as 19°C. Clouds are even fewer than in January and rain may occur once.  (Average High 25°C, Average Low 19°C, Rainfall 10mm.)
  • March: The cold season ends with March as temperatures start to rise up. While the average low remains the same at 19°C, average high can go to 26°C. Days are mostly clear and rain is very rare and may happen once if at all.  (Average High 26°C, Average Low 19°C, Rainfall 1mm.)
  • April: Daytime temperatures in April may go as high as 27°C and as low as 20°C in the night. Clouds are rare and the likelihood of rainfall is none. (Average High 27°C, Average Low 20°C, Rainfall 0mm.)
  • May: Joining April in the list of the driest months, May is where humidity begins to rise and the first good surfing days come to the Sea of Cortez. (Average High 29°C, Average Low 21°C, Rainfall 0mm.)
  • June: There are no clouds in the skies in June and the temperature is warm and comfortable. (Average High 30°C, Average Low 23°C, Rainfall 3mm.)
  • July: July introduces the summer season to Los Cabos. Heat becomes uncomfortable, with highs averaging around 30°C. Days are cloudy, yet rain is still unlikely. (Average High 34°, Average Low 26°C, Rainfall 15mm.)
  • August: With August comes the rainy season. There’s an average rainfall of 44mm and almost all days are cloudy. Highest temperatures of the year can be recorded this month, with highs averaging around 34°C. (Average High 35°C, Average Low 27°C, Rainfall 48mm.)
  • September: The rainfall averages at 92mm in September, making it the rainiest month. Temperatures are still uncomfortable and may go as high as 32°C on average. (Average High 32°C, Average Low 27°C, Rainfall 92mm.)
  • October: Weather is still pretty hot in October and may reach around 31°C. Rain is infrequent and may only occur once or twice at the beginning of the month.  (Average High 31°C, Average Low 26°C, Rainfall 24mm.)
  • November: Temperatures start to drop in November and stay at a comfortable level mostly. You can expect one or two showers. (Average High 29°C, Average Low 24°C, Rainfall 11mm.)
  • December: The busiest month of the year, December has a comfortable temperature throughout the month. Although days are mostly cloudy, rain is rare. (Average High 26°C, Average Low 21°C, Rainfall 10mm.)

Fact Check

  • Hottest month – August with highs averaging around 35°C
  • Coolest month – January/early February with an average low of 19°C
  • Rainiest month – September with a total of 92mm of rainfall
  • Driest month – April and May with a total of 0mm of rainfall

Best Time to Visit?

  • For Good Weather: From June through mid-July and mid-October through mid-December because of comfortable temperatures, sunny days and warm water.
  • For Families and Kids: From May through July because of the many family-friendly activities going on.
  • For Avoiding Crowds: From August and September.
  • For Great Deals: From May through September because of thin crowds.
  • For Snorkeling and Diving: From early October through early November because of warm water.
  • For Surfing: From June through August because of consistent waves.
  • For Exploring the Outdoors: From mid-December through May because rain is unlikely and temperatures are comfortable.

Los Cabos can be your paradise if you go during the appropriate time of year. To relax, unwind, and enjoy quiet beaches, the off-season is very pleasant. The vibrant and exciting pace of the high season, by contrast, offers an excellent adventure for many. The choice is yours, and Los Cabos is waiting.