Whale Watching season starts in Los Cabos


whale watching in cabo

Seeing whales in the wild is one of the top 10 things most people want to do during their lifetime.

Scanning the water, waiting to hear a blow or see a dorsal fin, is one of the top wildlife experiences in the world, and it can get addictive!

Watching whales in the flesh is far more exciting than you can ever imagine.  Our whale watching tours give you a chance to see these animals, Due to popular demand we are rapidly expanding our programme of whale watching

Why book a Whale Watching?

  • Expert biologist-led & wildlife photographer-led holidays
  • Dedicated whale watching tours focusing on one or a few key species
  • Whale watching as part of a broader wildlife watching holiday
  • Many of our whale watching tours offer the chance to see dolphins as well
  • A range of tours from day trips out on small boats to week-long liveaboard cruises
  • A chance to look for cetaceans in all of the world’s oceans
  • A wide range of the world’s 86 species are seen on our whale watching holidays, including Blue Whales

It is always useful to keep an eye on feeding seabirds. If there are many of them diving franticly in one particular spot (known as a ‘hurry’), this could mean that the fish have been rounded up to the surface into a bait ball by a larger predator such as a minke whale, making it easy for the birds to dive in and join the feast. Keep watching and you may see a large arched back or maybe even a lunge feed, where a whale will lunge out of the water with its mouth open.

Whether or not you see whales, dolphins or porpoises is largely dependent on the weather. If it is a windy day with whitecaps on the water it is much harder to spot cetaceans, as they often only surface briefly and usually only show their dorsal fins. Too much sunshine doesn’t help either, as the reflection on the water makes it really difficult to see anything that breaks the surface; overcast and calm days are the best to see marine mammals.

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