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Whale sighting with Browns Private services

No trip to Cabo San Lucas is complete without enjoying a day on the ocean with the migrating whales. Customer see a variety of whales on a daily basis during season, with the main attraction being the California grey whales and of course, the massive humpback whales.

By a long shot, this is the best whale watching visit in Cabo! After a seemingly endless amount of time, the California Gray Whale wanders more than 6,000 miles south after the hotter waters and streams beginning out of Alaska. Guys travel south towards the end of the Baja Peninsula and Mayan Riviera coasts while the females remain behind in Magdalena Bay or Puerto San Carlos bringing forth their young only north of Cabo San Lucas.

This is not a high-volume kind of whale watching visit with gigantic measures of individuals. Our Majestic Whale Watching Adventure displayed the best sightings, Los Cabos takes into consideration a more select, very close chance to appreciate the Gray Whales in their common living space. Now and again, there may even be chances to pet the tremendous vertebrates and make the most of their aerobatic exhibition.

The Gray Whale is a characteristic asset ensured by the Mexican Law. Whale viewing is entirely controlled now and with the assistance of your professionally authorized Gray Line visit guides, visitors will encounter a genuinely unique eco-experience. Amid the yearly Gray Whale relocation, starting close to the end of November and reaching out through mid-April every year, the trenches, straights, and mouths of Magdalena Bay are immersed with the whales’ undulating structure. Puerto Lopez Mateos and San Carlos are the typical places for whale watching exercises.

The most astounding parts of our Cabo whale watching visits to Magdalena Bay are the capacity to encounter these great, monstrous well evolved creatures nearer to the shore than ordinary, watch the females showing their child calves different sorts of interchanges and survival procedures, playing and obviously, having the chance to physically pet the whales as they tend to play around the pontoons.

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